A design-focused British brand, Sepanta Design is the collaboration of international designers from different design disciplines that see design as continuous study of nature and cultures.
A fusion between fashion and luxury, Sepanta takes the avant-garde of contemporary design and the world of beautiful, ancient motifs and patterns to create its stunning collections of fine jewellery. Handmade using the latest technology, Sepanta jewellery represents the very best of British luxury, with each piece symbolising beauty, design integrity and inimitable style.


Ethereal creatures incarnated in intricate silhouettes and exquisite profiles, Parria (Angels in Persian) inspire certain motifs and the alluring patterns of Persian Carpets, which are virtually endless, varying from region to region. The debut collection of the Sepanta Brand was inspired by the `Parria` and the timeless design of the ancient Persian Carpets.
The lines of the carpet patterns are countless, and by intertwining strata and laying one level on top of another, we can create layers of complexity with a rich combination of colours. Our jewellery collections takes its inspiration from the mathematical precision and fluidity that lies within these ancient designs.